A new project progress build

Tony - Ryan

I have a tendency to misread and misinterpret so it's all on me. I used to be better, but it seems lately that I am losing some ability in that area.

Really - I LOVE deep thoughtful discussion.

Art is - beauty in the eye of the beholder.

I do not like the abstract. Some of hangs in places like Boston Fine Arts Museum. Sure it's art to someone but not to me. In that sense yes it is art. However does my desire define "art". no

There is a very large influx of youtubbers that try something for the first time, in whatever it is that they try and then post as though they are an expert. Of those I do not add to my list of art, artist, skilled or expert. That sort of arm chair artist is never in what I consider in my discussions.

An artist in my definition is one that thoughtfully executes an idea in order to achieve a desired result, feeling, thought, expression or paint a picture - in another persons mind.
An artist can be a beginner, expert, skilled, student, apprentice or master.
Art can be expressed via; word, colors, textures, stone, wood, sound, touch or whatever medium the artist decides to use with any tools they desire.
An artist uses any form or strategy to attain the desired result, whether abstract or conventional.

The end result of the artist in to illicit the WOW effect.
WOW - look at what the artist created - wow - that is fantastic.
look at the detail - look at the form - look at - of wow read this etc etc etc.
Love what they have done with that song - story - instrument.

Art is a way!!

Toni - I have had the pleasure of seeing a carving that you did with leaves. I wish you would post it again. I absolutely LOVE that work of art my you - a talented artist. That picture has been in my mind for years, THAT is ART. It is not something new. Leaves have been here for a very long time. The artist created something special with those leaves.
Amen to that thought Leo. An artist does not deliberately ser out to "make" a masterpiece, he just desires to make a project beautiful in his own sight

So Leo, I guess I'd refer to this as a relief carving. Looks like a v bit and round-over were used. I'd be interested in knowing what bits you did use size wise and seeing how you did the tapering of the v from narrow to wide, and reducing the bowls of the rounded areas to mimic a gouge. Pretty cool once I went back and took a good look at it.
Darren if you are refering to the quarterboard, no I did not make that. I just show it as an example.

I have been overwhelmed with the well repairs and some of my own house repairs this week.

This thread will be about to create the carving I show in the first post. I do not have a model to carve yet. I will be creating a model from the picture. After I create the model I will carve it into some nice Red Oak from a tree in my yard that I got milled a few years ago.

I plan to go through every detail if full.

I started creating the model in Aspire and grabbed a screen recording. I need to do a lot of video editing to it.

This is basically starting with a blank sheet of paper and a pencil - then carry the project to a carved in wood finish product. I need to get myself in gear on that, but I have a pile of "NEED" to do stuff. Editing the video is going to take some effort.

For now - I gotta go make supper.