A piece I'm working on

Outside the beltway
This is the rosette for a setee I'm working on. It belonged to this man. I'm honored for the opportunity to restore it. It's not all there so I'm fashioning the missing pieces.
Charles Curtis: The First American Indian to be Vice President of the United States. When Charles Curtis was born in 1860, no one could have known that he was destined for a career in national politics. Nor that he would become the first with American Indian ancestry to hold the second highest office in the nation.


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Wonderful job Dave. You are a wood wizard! I have said it many times, I saw you do a scratch removal at Larry's Gathering and it was pure magic as it in the blink of an eye disappeared in front of my eyes. I don't remember who was standing to my right, but we both looked at each other in amazement. This is a historically important piece of history and you will be forever linked to it. Congratulations on another victory!!!