A quickie project maybe good idea for craft fairs

allen levine

new york city burbs
Made this this morning on bandsaw
Someone showed me picture and asked so I did
Online it's a 27 dollar gift with names written on them
It's 3 bucks for wood
Took me a little over an hour
Some oil and I'll let it dry and spray some rattle can laquer

I believe it's more of a scroll saw project

I'm willing to bet with names written on them they could go for 30 bucks at craft show

They are not attached to that board underneath them


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pictures show different animals with kids, bears, dogs, cats, elephants and all configurations, got 9 kids, they have a design picture or its easy to trace and make another child.

i mght make some and keep them to give to gifts if we get invited somewhere last minute and want to bring a little something. eveyrone likes custom made stuff.