A Rustic Shelf

Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts
I have a lot of oak boards from trees that I had cut down and then milled into boards.

I wanted a shelf in my kitchen to hang utensils and a shelf for stuff. Salt Pepper and other things I use daily.

I like pottery, organic, rustic, made by local artists. NOT made in a factory in China.

You can see th ecoffee cups I use in my videos - local artists.

Do any of you have a friend, or know of a local artist that you like that makes pottery items and sells at craft fairs or etsy or online?

Kinda like this - I do like it


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Cool shelf, Leo. :thumb:

The only ceramic artist I know personally is Maree Cheatham, but I don't think she does much in the style you're looking for. She's the lady I sold my first house to in LA. She's better known as an actress (she's played a wide variety of roles over the years), but she started doing a lot of ceramics after she bought my house. She's a real sweetheart of a person, too.
Love the shelf, Leo. Rustic works just fine for me.
Regional craft shows have some great stuff and can be a real gold mine for handcrafted pieces of all kinds. For several years, back when macrame was a craze, my wife had a booth at a major craft show circuit similar to this one, with shows in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Some of these shows were huge and had 150-200 exhibitors. Margie's booth was voted best in show twice on the circuit and she had beautiful work. We usually spent some of the profits at the show and still have some cool ceramic pieces in daily use.
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