A (very) purpose-built bench/cabinet/shelving unit

Frank Pellow

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
(part 1 of 2)

Last week, in the thread http://familywoodworking.org/forums/showthread.php?t=1769, I said “I still need to build a spot to hold the router table top when it is not in use. In the next week or so, I will build a cabinet in the spot shown below:

The router top will be stored in a cabinet I will build here -small.JPG

This week, I built that shelf/cabinet/bench unit.

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished, definitely purpose built, and somewhat convoluted unit:

Complex shelving unit 11 -finished -front view -small.JPG Complex shelving unit 12 -finished -corner view -small.JPG

Not only is this to used to store the router table top, but it is to be used to store a couple of bench machines that did not have a home, to store three Festool systainers, a column of Veritas drawers, and some other odds and sods that previously did not seem to fit is well anywhere.
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Hey! I like it Frank :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Neat idea on the metal drawer units :thumb: :D
(part 2 of 2)

Here is a series of pictures depicting the construction:

01) I started by building three units. They were made mostly from 18 mm thick Baltic Birch.

Complex shelving unit 01 -start by building 3 sections -small.JPG

02) My shop assistant of the day, my granddaughter Isla, applied Varathane to the units:

Complex shelving unit 02 -Isla applying varethane -small.JPG

Isla is also my resident shop “artist” and she can’t resist drawing something on everything that she works on.

03) Next, I added some parts, making the section seem even more convoluted:

Complex shelving unit 03 -add some parts to make right side even more complex -small.JPG Complex shelving unit 04 -another view of the right side -small.JPG

It is beginning to look a bit like an abstract sculpture.

04) Next, a simple plinth was installed:

Complex shelving unit 05 -simple plinth -small.JPG

05) Rollers were installed on both side units and the units were tested for fit on the plinth:

Complex shelving unit 06 -position left and right sides on the plinth -small.JPG

06) Two drawers to hold Festool systainers were installed, the middle shelves were fitted, and the router table top was tested on the rollers:

Complex shelving unit 07 -insert drawers and try router table on rollers -small.JPG

07) The sections were screwed to the plinth and a drawer was installed in the middle section:

Complex shelving unit 08 -screw sections to plinth and add drawer to middle section -small.JPG

08) The bottom part of the bench top was screwed on:

Complex shelving unit 09 -install bottom portion of top -small.JPG

09) The top part of the bench top (consisting of ¼ inch hard board over ¾ inch MDF) was glued-up:

Complex shelving unit 10 -glue up rest of top -small.JPG

This was subsequently screwed (but not glued) to the plywood top, three coats of Varathane were applied, followed by three coats of paste wax.
Very nice Frank. Compact, usefull, and attractive to boot. You're also very lucky to be able to have your grandchild working with you.

cheers eh?
NIce work Frank.

One question, why did you make the base for the router table like that, the piece that spans the two side cabinets and sorta sets on a cleat on the left and a slot on the right side?