a work in progress....

Dan Noren

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falcon heights, minnesota
a bit ago, my oldest nephew sent me a message with a picture of a certain type of chess board. he wanted to know if i could make one similar. since 50 cal. brass is rather expensive, we agreed to go with the various sizes of brass for the pieces. the pieces were going to be polished brass, and brass with a verdigris finish, but that didn't work out too good. ran a test on one with gun bluing, and just like steel screw heads, it turned the brass a nice shade of black. so, the new design will be polished brass, and brass blackened, with a clear coat of gloss spray lacquer. picked up the brass yesterday, from the range that i used to belong (total price for brass, $3), and set up the sizes. worked on the design for the top of the chess board, and came up with the design that will be laser engraved. instead of solid black squares, they will be deer heads, with the heads set up to face each player. the entire board will have a somewhat rustic design, not sure how it will look, but i have until next spring to figure that out.
chess board.png20231112_100703.jpg20231113_222030.jpgScreenshot 2023-11-14 054810.jpg
finally had another moment for this. polished the brass, and lightly rubbed down the black parts (for a more even look). then, got out the vacuum pack machine, and packed the parts in their own bags, so that nothing happens to the finish, until it is time to hit them with the clear lacquer. a couple of things were decided about this project, talking about it with my cousin, at the lunch after our uncle's funeral. to keep things rustic, i had decided to try and get a slice of a tree, big enough to fit the board. my cousin suggested, that in order to keep the parts from falling over, to use either a slice of a tree branch, or deer antler, with a dab of hot glue to form a base. i told him that i was originally going to use some birdshot, followed by a dab of hot glue on top. i am going to use both in the final design.