Alaskan seafood boil

Brett Luna

Peters Creek, Alaska
Some of our Labor Day foodage: a low country seafood boil, Alaska style:


Red potatoes, corn, shrimp, and snow crab—seasoned up with some home made Old Bay seasoning, thyme, onion, and beer—fired up in the outdoor turkey fryer seafood boiler.

I didn't actually plan to make the Old Bay but I didn't realize we were darn near out...compounded by the fact that I needed at least a ½-cup anyway.
Tasty!! Shows how times have changed. When we lived there in the late sixties-early seventies, we could buy a fifteen pound box of king crab legs for $5!! Always had a box in the freezer. Last time I looked, a box of KCL was over two hundred dollars at my friendly local Costco. You're still living pretty good though. Queen crab and coon striped shrimp used to be plentiful off the spit at Homer.:thumb::thumb: