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allen levine

new york city burbs
Not really into woodworking lately but trying to keep my mind off of current events
Was asked if I could make something from a picture
I was told this item was approx 100 dollars online
Of course the ones online have carved out stars and I have zero patience for that
I used the scrap 2 bys and actually purchased a 1x10 for 12.74
The numbers were purchased at orange borg for 2.93 each
9 x 23 but can be made any size
The ones I need are only one or two numbers
I'm only showing it here because I believe this would be another great simple easy project for craft fair vendors
Probably purchase numbers in bulk
I'm sure it would fetch 50-60 bucks at fair
People love things made customized for their home well I know me and my friends do
I made 3 of them in 4 hours
Sprayed a little spar urethane and it's good to go when they dry


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