another scorched sign test....

Dan Noren

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falcon heights, minnesota
after spending the 4th of july at my cousin donna's house, i wanted to make something that would fit in her husband tony's man cave/full bar in the garage. he has a kind of jack daniel's theme going, so i figured, why not? the scorching went pretty good, but ran into a problem with the sign board (pine) cupping pretty good. had a fun time tacking it down to the cnc, but down it went. did the embroidery first, and it came out pretty good. then started in with the text, and i was happy with that, in spite of a couple of small boo-boos. then i trimmed the edges, and fitted a bit of a fix for the cupping (makes for a nice area for the hanging hardware too). it has gotten a good coat of blo, and all that is left is three coats of clear shellac. i sent a picture of it to donna, and she said that tony would just love it. he knows something is coming, since i told him, but not what, or when. they had one heck of a fireworks display (wink and nod from the local authorities), with almost 3500 projectiles going up withing about a 20 minute time frame. if this works out ok, you will be able to see a small part of it. my wife :blah: loved it. all of the fireworks were going off right overhead, and most of the videos that i took were aimed straight up.



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