Antique Mall find(s)

Darren Wright

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Springfield, Missouri
I took my wife to breakfast after dropping off the grandson, then headed over to a small town nearby with several antique shops in a row. Down in one dark little corner I found a cache of tools. Lots of hand planes that were reasonably priced, but ended up picking up a saw clamp, tooth set, and a handful of files for about $20.

2015-02-14 11.32.16.jpg

All of the files had some buildup in them, but still have good teeth, did a quick cleanup with the file card and then sprayed them down with some penetrating oil to break up the surface rust on them. Will give them a good cleaning later.
2015-02-14 11.37.35.jpg 2015-02-14 11.39.28.jpg

Also found a little deburring/counter sink tool and a stone/jig for touching up planer blades.
2015-02-14 11.41.31.jpg 2015-02-14 11.41.40.jpg
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So looking at each of my hand saws, which aren't many. I've got a few 8 TPI and one 10 TPI. According to some charts, I need a 6" Slim Taper file for the 8 TPI saws, and a 6" Extra Slim Taper file for the 10 TPI saw.

Reviews aren't showing Nicholson files as being of good quality anymore. So does anyone have recommendations for file brands they've recently purchased for the task and how the files holding up after a few sharpenings?