Avacado bread...yeah, I know!

Jim Burr

Reno, Nv
Happened across this in a notable cooking magazine one day...we have it every week!!

Split a loaf of good crust bread, sourdough is our fav, but whatever makes you happy works!

Grill it until toasty and brown on the face, rub with a whole garlic clove allllllllll over.
Slice or cube avocado on top, add red pepper flakes or South African Smoke Spice from Trader Joes. Drizzle with good olive oil.
We have Parmesan on everything...except this...it's just to yummy and the cheese can over power the green goodies.

We prefer a narrower loaf and make it more of an appetizer, but if you like avocados, this rocks!!

A variant of this (basically simpler - just plain avocado on toast, sprinkle of salt on top) was (is) one of my favorite treats. A couple of times a year we'd get out to the big city and mom would get a couple of avocados (they don't grow so well in the frozen north) and we'd enjoy these for breakfast or a snack for the next few days as the avo's ripened. Hadn't thought of upscaling it like this; but I like the idea!

Of course for me once you said "avocado" everything else was optional; I was already sold.