Back to flat and loving it

allen levine

new york city burbs
Nothing fancy but I'm back to flatwork and even though it's only children's Adirondack chairs I'm enjoying it
2 chairs had tar sprayed on them and I had to scrap off and sand and repaint
2 chairs I made yesterday and this morning

I'm waiting on color choice then I will paint

Tough to think about going out there again it's 100 degrees outside and I don't need a heatstroke


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the chairs were on my friends front lawn, the kids were playing . next day the daddy was resurfacing the driveway with blacktop sealer
I lent him my drill attachment that is just a giant mixer to spin in paint or in this case tar. I use this one only for tar the past 30 years as I do my own driveway every few years.
the son lifted the drill out of the 5 gallon tub and it sprayed tar on the lawn and hit the chairs.
no worries, it sanded right off, lilke I told him it would, and thats that.
the other two chairs were painted pink today for my best friends third and fourth granddaughters.
I committed to making every friend who has grandchildren chairs and sometimes picnic tables for kids, and I never thought all our kids would keep popping out babies.
the good thing is that for childrens chairs, I bought PT 6 foot slats for fencing. 1.68 at lowes at contractors price. so a chair costs me under 7 dollars , most I dont paint, but for them I did. close friends, and everyone works so noone has time for painting. only me, Im just an old fart who babysits a few days a week so they feel I need something to keep me busier.