Bessey 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away

Cool! I'm looking forward to trying out the new trigger clamps. (I'm already pretty stocked up on C clamps and utility knives from last year, lol.)
Well, it took the Bessey folks a while to get all the prizes sent this year (they moved their warehouse over the holiday season), but the FedEx guy showed up this afternoon with a little Christmas in February. :D The new trigger clamps look real nice. They seem to be a step up from the Irwin Quick Clamps. The little Varioclippix clamps have proven handy in the past, and I'm happy to add two more to my collection. And everyone needs multiple utility knives. I think I have 3 or 4 of the red Bessey knives now, but I'm not complaining...they're great. And I'm definitely stocked up on their excellent C clamps. I think this brings my total to 8 now.

My hat's off to the folks at Bessey for continuing their tradition of this yearly giveaway. :thumb:

Bessey Contest Clamps 2019 - 1024.jpg