Bessey Christmas Give Away 2017

Still not going to Facebook. Could use some more clamps used just about every one I had today making cutting boards. Now wait till glue dries.
Bought some cheap clamps at Harbor Freight a little while ago to to use them and one was cracked almost in two. I'll try to see is they'll replace it. Not real expensive and a small size but still " it broke" dadgumit.
Woot! I won the grand prize for day 3... :woot:

1 Grand Prize of:
2 x VAS-23 - Variable Angle Strap Clamp
2 x WS-3 - Angle Clamp
2 x BPC-H34 - H series pipe clamp
I got my package this week, two pipe clamps, two corner clamps, and two strap clamps. Bessey Rocks!

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