Best laid plans of mice and dipwads sometimes pay off....

fred hargis

Wapakoneta, OH
(Me being the dipwad.) Ever since a discussion was here earlier in the year about pellet smokers, I've been considering getting one. I have a Kamado egg type grill (not "the" egg) and really like the way food comes off it, but it needs tending and a brisket gets to be a little tedious. The pellet grill offers (I'm told) set and forget. Even so, we wouldn't use one that much so I decided I would get a Pit Boss, one of the ones Lowes stocks. Being the frugal guy I am and remembering the limited use I figured I'd wait for the fall clearance mark downs and grab one. I've been checking regularly the past several weeks. To my surprise they didn't get marked down and actually went up $50 in price. Well, poooey. So this mrongin Glen Bradley mentioned Lowes is clearing out Johnson's Paste Wax and on my tri[ to town I stopped in to check...apparently my Lowes hasn't got the word yet. BUT, walking past the Pit Boss grills sat a unit in the middle of the floor marked $218! Looking things over this was the older version with an analog temp control and a slightly different cabinet. Still, for $218 it met my needs so I grabbed it. Skippy Stockboy told me they got 8 leftovers from the warehouse and this was the last one. So while I had the fancier model in mind, this one should do as a learning device with relatively small investment.