Big face frame glue up.

Peter Rideout

Nova Scotia, 45°N 64°W
I’ve been working away on a nine foot tall bookcase for the upstairs hallway for several weeks. I finally got the face frame glued up today. It’s clear eastern white pine,, which will be painted to match the upstairs trim.
This is the back side. I dry fit the pieces and tacked them in place as I went, to allow for the “not quite square and plumb” situation in the old house. Then I brought the whole armload back to the shop for assembly.
I dowelled the joints and it worked out pretty well.
I’ll paint it on the bench for convenience.


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Looking good. It's been a long time since I've seen clear EWP. It must be nice to work with.
Thanks Ted. It is a pleasure to work with, very soft, of course, and forgiving.
It was the wood of choice for painted trim in old farmhouses such as ours and I like to keep a few pieces around for projects like this. I like it knot free, if possible, to avoid pitch bleeding through the paint.

This is the assembled piece, sanded and ready for primer. image.jpg
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