Bindicator - $100 plus shipping

glenn bradley

I have a Bindicator MR1Y1 which I am apparently never going to get around to installing. I have finally gotten guilty feelings over it just setting there in the box waiting on me. I opened the box when I got it and looked at the directions but, that's as far as I got. IIRC, I paid shy of $200 for it by going in on a group buy which oddly enough seems to be the low end of the current street price. Since it is now NOS, I'll take $100 plus whatever it costs to get it to you.

Bindicator Sale (1).jpgBindicator Sale (2).jpg

For those that don't know, you drill a 1" hole in your dust collector bin, slip the Bindicator through and attach it with a couple of electrical conduit type nuts or other means outlined in the documentation online. A mounting plate with non-sealed through hole is an example but, would not apply to dust collection. Attach the paddle with the included roll pin and wire it to a switch or your DC's power line. When the paddle senses enough resistance by having to plow through the spoil in the bin it triggers a circuit - bell, buzzer, light bulb, etc. The torque required to trigger it is adjustable. The paddle shaft can be extended with your own piece of tubing/pipe to set your desired 'high water' mark.

Bindicator Infographic.JPG

There are a number of wiring options (normally open, normally closed, AC and DC) for all sorts of reactions.
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