Brewing again

Brent Dowell

Staff member
Reno NV
About 2 years ago I bought a 65l Brewzilla and a stainless steel conical fermenter. Haven't used either one yet.

Jury rigged up a 220v extension cord to the dryer and I'm brewing in my bathroom. Space is tight but its working. Once it warms up a bit I'll run an outlet on the back patio so I can brew outside again.

I will say I'm enjoying the convenience of the electric system and being able to just dial in a temperature with no fussing with the propane. The lack of propane burner noise is nice as well.

It's got 2500watts of power and that actually brings the water up to temperature in short order.

I started brewing back in college in the 80's and have done it on and off over the years.

It's Been a couple year break this time, not for any reason, just had too much other stuff going on. Figure I have the equipment, I might as well use it!

And theres something nice about a fresh glass of homebrew right out of the tap, not to mention being able to say, "I made this", lol.