Craftsman 113 Tablesaw refurb

Back in the fall of 2014 one of my neighbors was moving and set this old tablesaw out for trash pickup and being the scavenger I am it wound up at my house.
It sat out behind my shop for about six months. It was already in pretty rough shape when I moved it to the house and sitting outside under a sheet of plastic all winter didn’t do it any favors.
I tore it apart with plans to refurb it and put it to use but I wound up picking up an old 113 12” saw and started using that one instead. All the parts for this one wound up setting in a pile for the past five years until I gathered everything up last week. The arbor tilt on my 12” saw was always a bit touch and go but two weeks ago it jammed and I discovered that several teeth were missing from the pinion gears so I had a choice, find parts to fix the 12”, put the old 10” together and use it or buy a new saw. I did a little shopping for a new machine but this little thing called “unemployment” made me a little nervous about spending $1,000 plus on a new machine. So the 10” refurb is under way
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A few additional photo of progress so far:
The table is rust free now. Quite an involved process but I am happy with the results. I purchased the new handwheels from Grizzly.
This is the very rusty extension wing all cleaned and painted with Rustoleum Charcoal Gray from a rattle can.
This is the new base. The plinth and lower body are MDF and will be painted Rustoleum Aztec White.
The underside of the table and the arbor carriage are cleaned and painted. The arbor bearings are solid, no play at all.
That is cleaning up nicely. Do you have the fence for it? I had picked up a direct drive delta a few years back and made a new one using some angle iron and rectangular tubing. I ended up selling that one and the guy is still using it. Pics of the fence...
That is sweet job on that fence. I have an Excalibur 36” capacity fence I’ll take off the old 12” machine.