Craftsman lathe 351.217170 with a broken gear shaft

Kirk Daniel

New member
Not having any luck finding a replacement part to my lathe. Does anyone know where I might or if I can find one. Any help would be great. thanks
Hi Kirk, and welcome to the Family. Unfortunately, it's getting harder and harder to find parts for that lathe. I see that Sears PartsDirect doesn't carry the gear shaft anymore, but I suspect you've already discovered the same. Short of finding someone selling one of those lathes as a parts donor, I don't know of any other places to look for that part. My suggestion would be to consider upgrading to another lathe. I had one of those Craftsman lathes, and I know how much of a maintenance and repair headache they can be.
Parts machine

Been looking for a parts machine, or may have a local machine shop make the part. thanks for your input.