Craftsman TS side extension

Lebanon, Indiana
Advice needed,
I have a Craftsman TS 113.29901. I just bought a Vega Pro 40 for it and am wondering if I should put a side extension on it. I have 9" to the left of the blade and there are 2 10" open cast iron extensions on the left. With the new fence mounted I'll have about 17 1/2 open inches to the right of the table. I intend to build a workstation for the saw and a router. However I'm just setting up the shop and I don't want to rush through building the cabinet. But I don't want to be dealing with 17 inches of the fence rail sticking out in my way for as much as a year. I'm also concerned that I might damage or bend the tube with it sticking out.

My questions:
1. Build a 17 1/2 extension for the next year(balance problems??)?
2. Remove the 2 cast extensions and build a 36" extension?(again balance??)
3. Move one or both extensions to the left and build new on the right maintaining the same overall width?
4. Just deal with the tube sticking out for the next year.

Thanks, Lloyd