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Dale Wallace

Chicago, Illinois
Hello to everyone, my name is Dale, I've been raised and lived in Greece and I moved in the states a couple of years ago, specifically in the Chicago area. I have recently started woodworking as a side job. I've been around construction since I could remember so that has been a big plus doing woodwork.

Right now I work as a building caretaker with woodworking being my passion and the reason I want to finish work so that I go home and work on my projects. I'm sharing some of the big pieces I've recently made, nothing special but something is something. I'm really positive that this will be a good start doing something I love and I already have some orders coming up for a couple of customers, which is great.

I'm gonna be sharing some of the stuff I make and look for practical advices from all of you that are more experienced. I'm looking forward into getting to know you all and help, as well as get and share information and advices. Thank you

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Welcome Dale. You will find a bunch of friendly and helpful folks here. We may do different types of woodworking but, we all love the craft.
Welcome aboard, Dale! :wave: Looking forward to seeing more of your projects, as well as just hanging out and "talking" with you. :thumb:
Hello Dale. You are somewhat of a neighbor as I am in NW Indiana. Think you'll find this a pretty neat place to hang out and the information is free!
Yeah I'm sure!! Actually I just moved to Northwest Indiana a couple of days ago. My family and friends...they all live here so it's perfect and I love the area. So calm and piece!

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