Delta 1200 scroll saw

David Crouse

Bought this last year in July. This is the new (to me) Delta 1200 scroll saw. I believe from the serial number that this might be from 1939. It was originally in a school, and then one other person and now me. It is in exceptional condition considering the age. It functions just fine, and has actual oil still in it, the last owner definitely took good care of it. He stated that it had been painted green by the school, as every tool in that shop had the same “shop green” color applied to it. I might actually tear this down and clean it all up and repaint it once I get the shop in order, but for now, it’s just a very nice addition to the shop.

20180701_145931.jpg 20180701_145940.jpg 20180701_150133.jpg 20180701_150113.jpg 20180701_150009.jpg

After I bought this one.......I found ANOTHER one, without a stand or light and still the gray color, but otherwise it is in perfect condition as well.

I still haven't messed with either one much .... haven't figured out the whole tension thing, and wonder if they will wear out quickly or if the springs in there can be replaced etc... any ideas on blade sizes/types for 3/4" material and how to tension these things correctly ?
I'm not much of a scroller, but on blades I try to keep the same "3 teeth in the cut" rule as for band saws, maybe a smidge more for real hard stuff.

Hard to believe you found one with the light!! Those are like hens teeth. Excellent find!
A very, very nice addition to the shop. I've thought about getting a scroll saw to do small projects in the winter, but there isn't a room in the house where I can't get hell for getting sawdust on the floor.