Don’t Buy Lee Valley Lifetime Screwdrivers Unless you Live Near One of Their Stores

Frank Pellow

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Here is a link describing these screwdrivers:,43411,43417,32219&p=32219

I bought two complete sets about a year ago, one for me and one for my daughter Kristel. I really like using them :) both because the grip feels better than any other screwdrivers I have used and because the tips fit well into the screw recesses.

But, I have already broken three tips :( (one Robertson #0 and two Robertson #2). In each case the metal within the tips sheared, causing a part of the tip to break off and leaving the other part of the tip still in the driver. Since there is a Lee Valley store about a 15 minute car ride away and since I visit it often, it is easy for me to pick up replacements. But, most folks on this forum are not so fortunate.

It is possible that only the screwdrivers with the Robertson tips are prone to this breakage (but 98% of the screws that I drive are of the Robertson variety).
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HI Frank, I am truly surprised to hear about a LV product not being up to snuff.:(

Ergonomically they may not feel the best, but for hand tools like screwdrivers and socket wrenches I stay with "Sears and Sawbuck."

Hum, who is this guy Robertson, and why do you want his screwdriver?:rolleyes: ;)
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Now that Rob Lee is here you can ask him about what is going on with those screw drivers of yours...:huh:
Now that Rob Lee is here you can ask him about what is going on with those screw drivers of yours...:huh:

Now how'd you know that... I just registered this AM...:type:

Frank - Sorry to hear you had some tips break... with insert tips on square recess drivers (we can't use the other name, unless we actually buy the driver from them) there's a trade-off between wearability (generally hardness) and strength. Really hard tips wear well - but can also break. It's not an uncommon thing - but if you've hit it multiple times, then there may be a batch that have been over hardened - we'll pull some and check!

This can be a problem with smaller drive bits (notably #0, #1, and small torx), as you can exert tremendous mechanical advantage on a small tip...

No worries on us standing behind them though...

Cheers -

Rob thanks for the explanation. I am usually very happy with the items (lots of items, by the way) that I purchase at Lee Valley, so it is ironic that the first post that you have answered on this forum is a warning about one of your tools.

And, as I mentioned in the post that started this thread, there has been no problem getting replacements. I just wouldn't want to have to do it via the post office.
frank-n- rob, i have been real happy with the apex brand tips from cooper tools.....if you haven`t looked at `em they`re worthy of a gander....tod
If you are looking for high quality screwdrivers, then go by snap-on screw drives. Yes the are costly(about $80 for a nice set), but the will last for ever.;)