Draw Slides videos on how to mount

Rob Keeble

GTA Ontario Canada
I am fitting draws to my new router table and have never before mounted full extension slides.

Here are some good reference videos about the topic

This guy really makes it simple


And here are two videos by famous Charles Neil that gives a good overview of the whole topic with loads of little tips. No too much in the way of actual practical how to detail but very good overview if you a rookie like me.



And a source if you need it, not the cheapest but hey they close and work properly. You get what you pay for says Charles.


Bill Arnold

Staff member
Thomasville, GA
Good instruction on all of the videos. The guy in the first one needs to tone down the "background" music so he can be understood better.

I've simplified (for me) the process of installing drawer slides by making some guides.

In the foreground of this photo is the drawer side gauge. Behind is the cabinet side gauge. Both are just some scrap that I cut and marked for a particular type of slide mechanism. I have another set that is similar for a different type of slide.

To use the cabinet side gauge, I cut a spacer to set the elevation of the drawer if it's not right on the bottom of the opening. This gauge has holes to match those I'll use on the slide itself. I run a pilot bit through the hole into the cabinet side. Then, it's a snap to set the slide and screw it into place. For the drawer side, I set the drawer on the gauge and run a pencil line; then it's just a matter of matching the holes in the slide to the line and punch or drill pilot holes.

Why did I make each gauge different? Because I can, I guess. :bonkers: