Festool Sander Advice

I highly recommend finding a place where you can try them. I have the RO150 and in rotary mode it's a beast. You really have to hold on to it with both hands. In orbital mode, I find it to still be a two hand machine.
I have no trouble at all operating my 150 Rotex in orbital mode with only one hand. So, I guess this is an individual thing. And this strengthens Joe's suggestion that you attempt to fine a place to try it first.
But, Bob does not pay the shipping, Festool does. So the "free" shipping on orders over $150 applies no matter which dealer you choose.....

But if you order directly from Festool, via their web site, I believe you are charged for the shipping. And if you buy from Woodcraft, they have it shipped to their store, and you have to make another trip to pick it up.
I think it's impossible to find a better deal at one dealer over another regardless of the angle. I bought from Bob, very knowledgable and I like to help out the little guy.
I just go to the Festool usa website, but I usually know what I want and it is the most direct way for me. As for trying them out, you should have tried them when you were in my shop -- I had some panels that needed... I mean, that were lying around.