Finish for Spanish Cedar interior doors?

John Nosacka

New member
Baton Rouge, LA
I’m having trouble finding information on procedure and products to finish some French doors made of Spanish cedar. They’re interior doors, “statement doors” according to my wife. My Millworks guy only uses what he calls mahogany, western cedar, and Spanish cedar and I understand the Spanish cedar is not a true cedar. She wants a stain or wax to add lightness. I’m trying to figure out topcoat. I usually use Waterlox or a water poly, depending on what I’m doing. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Ted Calver

Staff member
Yorktown, Virginia
John, welcome aboard. Glad you found us. I have about 100bf of Spanish cedar 1"x6" in my stash which I acquired for little money because someone purchased it to line a master bedroom closet and the wood had been improperly dried and had streaks of pitch in many of the pieces, a problem typical of the species. I use it to make small boxes and typically leave the inside unfinished to take advantage of the aromatic qualities of the wood. I've used both Antique Oil (original formula) and Waterlox on the outside with good results. Also done a couple with Watco Danish oil with no problems. Admittedly small scale compared to your doors, but passed along for whatever it's worth :bonkers: