first clock for 2024 state fair

Dan Noren

Staff member
falcon heights, minnesota
been rather busy with this whole retirement thing, and working part time, and not getting much shop time. after this year's results, i have decided to try my hand at art deco. a good idea, and is gives me the opportunity to use up some of the smaller bits of lumber. so far, i am working on two different designs, one, a wall clock, and the other a desk clock. the desk clock will be in the computer section, as it will have a bit of laser work on the face. well, back to clock one. it is all walnut, with a birch face. as this is a bit of an artsy sort of clock, there will be no numbers. after a bit of figuring (little things like how to change the battery), the face will be held in place with small magnets. the main parts have been cut, with only the half lapping to be done. the clock case has been cut and fitted out on the cnc. now the only thing left, is to mill the face of the clock, and fitting it to the case. now, the progress pics....