Free Woodworking CD's

Bill Satko

Methow Valley
I have the following all or nothing set of woodworking CD's that I am giving away free to someone. It will also include free shipping (USPS). I am also including an extra copy of the book: Hand Tools, Their Ways and Workings by Aldren A. Watson. If you are not familiar with this book, it has beautiful illustrations by Watson.

This would be an excellent group of CD's for students or a good addition to any woodworking coop. You can message me if you are interested.

Build an 18th-Century WorkbenchChristopher SchwarzPopular Woodworking
Coarse, Medium and FineChristopher SchwarzPopular Woodworking
Forgotten Hand ToolsChristopher SchwarzPopular Woodworking
Shaker Side TableChristopher SchwarzTaunton Press
Dovetail a DrawerFrank KlauszTaunton Press
Hand-Cut DovetailsRob CosmanAmerican Craftsman Publications
Mastering the Dovetail SawRob CosmanAmerican Craftsman Publications
Mastering Woodworking MachinesMark DuginskeTaunton Press
Hand Tool Techniques Part 2: Hand PlaningDavid CharlesworthLie-Nielsen Toolworks
Hand Tool Techniques Part 3: Precision Shooting SimplifiedDavid CharlesworthLie-Nielsen Toolworks
Mastering Dovetails with Lonnie BirdLonnie BirdLonnie Bird's School of Fine Woodworking

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