FS: older Craftsman 1/2" bevel edge chisel

ken werner

Central NY State
This is a pretty decent 1/2" wide older Craftsman chisel. It is made in Holland of Swedish steel - at least that's what it said on the back before I flattened it. I've honed it at 25 degrees, and it will arrive to my usual standards of sharp, and ready to work out of the box. My test for sharpness is shaving end grain pine, and you can see this chisel passes the test. $12 plus shipping. First PM gets it. Thanks.



showing the mirror back

at work:
Well, the way I see it, a chisel has value if it's in good condition, is made of good steel, and is well sharpened. That doesn't make it a collectible, just a good reliable user. And at a price like this, that to me is value.
I bought a 4 piece set of those, new, when I was about 15 or 16 years old, so I've had them for about fifty years, now. They're very good chisels. Great steel in them.