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why opt out jim? the nice thing about this kind of cart, is that you can make it into the kind of cart you want. don't like the flip top, don't use it. its just a general starting point. if you need just the one side, just eliminate the other case, and adjust the rolling platform. nothing is etched in stone with this one.
Here's a variation on Dan's work, considerably shrunk to fit under my TS/router extension wing. It is more for storage, though I thought a detachable lazy susan on top might be nice. And pockets or hooks on the side(s) could be added (the drawers are just faked for now). Overall dimensions (including the wheels): approx 29" high, 24" wide and 28" deep.


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The great thing about this build is that you can adapt the plan in any way to suit your needs. :thumb:

I'm going to turn mine into a flip top sander station similar to the one Brent built a few weeks back. Probably put my grinder and sharpening stuff on the other side. The cabinet will hold my ROS, belt sander and supplies.
I wish I needed another cart and had the time right now. The only way I might be able to use another cart is for veneer storage; i.e., built like a map cabinet that I could roll under my tablesaw outfeed area. Maybe I'll address that next year.

The carts I built in Florida are shown below, if you need something like those. The sander cart is still the same. I replaced my planer, so there's now a DeWalt on the cart. I'm still using both of those carts. I really liked the cart I built for the contractor saw I had but sold it with the saw when I got my Jet cabinet saw with extension table.




I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys build.
I'm getting ready to build a simple plywood tool cart for collecting many of my frequently used tools on to take them to the work. For anyone looking for a specific style of cart or ideas, the Sketchup warehouse has a nice collection of carts and benches...

I may end up also doing a cart similar to this one, but may do only a couple of larger drawers then use some plastic shoe boxes and such for hardware (latches, catches, hinges, etc...)

I'm kind of liking Alan's idea of making all my cabinets/carts the same height as the table saw and other tools to make it where 1) I'm not running into something when I slide it around, 2) be able to use any of the carts/cabinets as extra surface.
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Good idea Darren. I've got a couple of tools that are in inconvenient spots in my shop that I'd like to build a flip top cart for.

Maybe we could have a build contest and the most practical shop cart gets a prize.
Any interest guys and gals ??????
Brent i am not interested in this tread but your avatar has forced me to post here...
I like this style very much..
Hope you will never mind my post.
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