Hackberry Hollow Forms

Vaughn McMillan

Staff member
Here are a couple of spalted hackberry hollow forms I finished up last weekend. The first one, number 6, is a little guy about 4" x 2 1/2", finished with Anique oil and buffed:

HF6eT 800.jpg HF6bT 800.jpg HF6cT 800.jpg HF6fT 800.jpg HF6hT 800.jpg

And number 8, about 5" x 5 1/4". I'm not sure I like the form, and it got a little thin in places, but it is what it is. Same finish as the previous one:

HF8gT 800.jpg HF8eT 800.jpg HF8aT 800.jpg

Comments and critiques are welcome. ;)
Great job Vaughan
I envy you with the hf tool thats on my wish list.Is it really hard to do or learn and which system do you use?
Ken:thumb: :wave:
I'm using the Monster Tools captured rig. (It's the MHFL towards the bottom of this page.) It has been pretty easy to learn to use, and much more pleasurable than doing it freehand.

That reminds me a little of gum. Nice forms. When are you going to make something BIG?
I've got a piece of hollowed out red eucalyptus that has the finish drying now...it's about 18" high overall. Not your typical hollow form, but it's indeed bigger. ;) I'll show it when it's done [edited to add the link]. I've also got a big piece of madrone burl waiting for the right muse to strike. Here in LA, it can be tough getting my hands on big pieces of wood. I've got some big pieces of red eucalyptus that I saved from the chipper, so they'll eventually end up in some sort of round shaped, too.

Thanks for the kind words, all.