Tabetha Lockwood

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Staten Island
Hi Tabetha and welcome. Thanks for sharing your project. We love pictures!:thumb::thumb:
Hi there - welcome to the forum.

The pencil and paper holder looks really cool.
I could use that on my work desk.
Welcome to FWW Tabetha :wave: Lots of great folks here and lots of great projects, yours included 👍
Tabetha, welcome to FWW and that is a fine looking pencil/paper holder. You will find there is a wealth of knowledge/experience here. Use it and add to it as you can.
Nice job Tabetha :thumb: Welcome to the Family :wave::wave:
Welcome to our Family, Tabetha! :wave:

That's a good looking pen and paper holder! We look forward to seeing more of your work.
Welcome Tabetha,

Cool idea for the pen/paper holder.

Always nice to have some more carpentry experience around!
Welcome to the clubhouse, Tabetha! :wave:
Thank you, everyone. :)