Hey Ya'll

tod evans

Bunch of new faces here....

I had to take a break due to some long and drawn out personal issues.

I'm still kickin', cutting big boards into little ones, gluing 'em back together and selling 'em for all I can get...

I've got some reading to do before I chime in...
Hey Tod,

I'm new since you were last on, but got real close to meeting you a couple of years back when we drove through but there was a huge snow and ice storm and Frank was stuck in his house for the week (and it took us a few days to get out of the hotel). We drove up to where I think your shop was but it didn't look like anyone was there (and it was a bit early in the day) so we shoveled our way back onto the road and headed out skating over the ice until we hit the state line (where they were apparently more comfortable with clearing the snow off).

So if I happened to dig up a bit of the lawn getting turned back around, my apologies in retrospect :D