Howdy from Peters Creek, Alaska

Thanks all! If the welcoming posts are any indication, I think I just might fit in.

I know what you mean about the "off and on" thing. Fortunately, I've been "on" for the past 17 years since retiring and I'm lovin' it!!!

I 'retired' from the USAF 17 years ago but it's very much been a working retirement. Maybe I'll retire-retire one day.

Welcome, welcome, welcome. You may be our first Alaskan, least that I know of. I truly envy you, living in Alaska, at least if it is half what I dream it is like there. Always thought it would be a great place to live, last frontier and all, but never made it. Don't think I would ever talk my wife into it at our age now...

I'm a Southern boy by birth and upbringing but I don't regret moving up here for a minute. As you said, I'm guessing it's at least half of what you dream...and half of what you don't.
I'm a little late here, but welcome to the board. It really is a nice place....lots of discussions that will fit right in with several of your interests.