I continue to be impressed with Fusion 360

Don Baer

Staff member
The more I learn about Fusion 360 the more impressed I become with this software. I have decided that if possible I will spend at least a half hour every day to learn a new skill with this software. I will from time to time publish something here to share with others some of what I have learned that I consider helpful to those here on the forum. While I don't in any way want to imply I am and expert on this software I do feel that it is a very useful tool that others might benefit from. There are other software tools out there and they all do things a little different but I will say that from what I have learned so far F 360 is at or near the top of the list. for now I will start a new thread to show how to do some simple operations in F 360.

Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts
Good to hear this.

Coming from Solidworks on the job, and with the fully legal use of Solidworks at home as well since 2007, I need a platform for home now that I am retired. Fusion 360 appears to be about my only choice that is close to Solidworks. I have chosen F360 as my home goto.

Nice to know someone else is digging in. I have not had the time lately, though winter will be upon us again. Winter will allow a bit more time.

Darren Wright

Staff member
Kansas City, Missouri
I'm kinda with Leo on the not having time lately, but need to spend more time on it. Still using Sketchup as my go-to, but the lack of sculpting tools is pushing me to F360