Is this really FAS Poplar? (The Very Happy Ending)

Tim Armstrong

First off, thanks to all of you who provided such great feedback and advice on the original thread on this topic here:

I know you were all waiting with baited breath and anticipation to hear the outcome. :rofl: Or maybe not but here it is anyway...

Everyone in business knows that every company, no matter how great, makes a mistake once in a while - be it mills or car manufacturers and everybody in between. So, for my money then, what seperates an average company from a great company is how they deal with the situation when a mistake is made. In this case, InternetLumber has proven themselves a great company to do business with. They have earned my business for the future and my most sincere recomendation to others based on how they fixed this situation. After looking at the pics they immeadiatly agreed, in a most profesional manner, that it looked like the yard sent #2C instead of FAS. So, they replaced the order in full - shipping and all.

It may seem risky business to order lumber online but I will be back and back again to order from these folks. For me, it's worth the shipping price when I'm ordering a bunch of wood since I don't own a truck and the prices around here are not that great. Anyway, great job to the guys at Internet Lumber and my many thanks.

PS - they did offer to allow me to 'add on' to my order since they were picking up the freight so... add a 100 BF of Cherry to that orignal lumber gloat. :thumb:

Now, I had better get going to the shop - I have a lot of lumber to build stuff with! Thanks again for all your help and advice.