Jet Bandsaw Model JBS-14 Serial Number 9-071337

Dwayne Scott

I have a Jet Band saw model above . I have tried Jet and they said the riser block is obsolete. The part number for that riser is 708714 old number and new number JBS 14CS-RB . Has anybody tried another Riser Block for this number? Regards Dwayne
I'm pretty sure the Grizzly riser block will work.
User Khop on this site used a different model Grizzly riser block kit The Grizzly H3051 than you posted on a older Jet he said but I can't message him I am new. What model was it his Jet bandsaw could you find out for me. Its a big purchase about $130.00 on Amazon. I need to make sure its the right one for my model. Thanks for your help. D