Kens Salad Dressing

Rob Keeble

GTA Ontario Canada
Another catchup post.....during our trip to Letchworth State park we had to purchase all our groceries in USA just so we did not run foul of border regs.

Anyhow took a chance on this salad dressing...

Now finally i can eat green salad anything as long as it has this deli ious dressing on. Anyone by chance tried it.

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I met my wife at Ken's steakhouse in Framingham Mass. in 1971.:thumb:

Ken's invented it and served that dressing on their salads. I don't remember if they bottled and sold the Italian dressing that early but I can't remember a time that we have not had at least 2 bottles in the house.
I just realised i did not quiet make myself clear, it is specifically the raspberry walnut version i like. :) And its sweet. .

Good one Sharon.

Bob thats uncanny story....i went on training in 1980/1 in USA and stayed in Framingham at the Holiday Inn. lol They had a restaurant there then called Sasafras...wonder if it still exists. Have not thought about Framingham for years.

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