Learning curves, again

Brent Dowell

Staff member
Reno NV
Well, looks like I need to run through my cnc learning curve, again, lol.

Been a couple years since I've used it and I'm going through the process of upgrading Vcarve, relearning it. Wouldn't it be nice if once you learned something you learned it forever?

I think I can still struggle through the basic tool paths and what not, but now I've got something else I'm going to need to figure out.

For my guitar project, I'm building something called a 'go bar deck'. It's a way of clamping the bracing into place on a guitar soundboard and back quickly, uniformly and easily.

The tricky part is that the bottom of the go bar deck needs to have have a radius routed into with a radius of, in my case 16' and 28'.

Truth be told I don't really need it to assemble just one guitar, but I kind of think I'd like to make more than one, so it makes sense to build out these jigs, and I do have a cnc machine. And this is certainly in the capability of the CNC.

I'm just in the process of trying to figure out how to do it in Vcarve. I've got desktop right now, but it's only 350$ to upgrade to pro, so I might go ahead and do that.

Wish me luck, I guess I know what I'm working on the next few days while we have another cold snap.
Took some internet digging and experimentation on my own part, and a little bit of math, but I think I figured it out....

OI was able to use the molding tool path to generate the tool paths. I need to check my math, but basically, I created 2 half circles with a 2' diameter and an arc 1' long with a radius of 16'

Vcarve generates an 'overlap' type of error if I try to do it as one circle. But this should work. Now I need the garage to warm up and get my cnc running to test it out.

Its a real gentle curve so hard to see in the preview, but its there.

1677103512411.png1677103259037.png 1677103215765.png
Working on the math, apparently, what I really want to know is called the 'Sagitta'. (Interesting that there's a barefoot cruise line based in the caribbean with 3 ships, the Diamant, the Vela, and the Sagitta. We've gone on cruises on the Vela and Diamant, but not the sagitta, lol)

So at least now I now how to calculate what I need to know.