Leos Workshop

I don't do 3D signage so not qualified to critique your work Leo but just thought I would add a few general comments which may help.
How does it look in Black & White? Not sure what your plans are for things like marketing & advertising but there is a price difference between full colour & black & white printing, things like invoices, compliment slips & often flyers don't need to be printed full colour.

As this is a logo it doesn't need to include your contact details or your tag line, some don't even include the Company name, it is really down to personal choice. The sign you hang in your Garage however does need these details, you may think that because it's hanging on your workshop door then there is no need for a web address as people will just come in & speak to you BUT you might be surprised at how many peope won't do that. They will quite happily sit outside & jot your web address down & check you out that way irst before making contact.

If you haven't already then buy a suitable domain name, don't use one of those free hosting sites as they look so unprofessional & will give people the wrong idea about your business.

Vehicle livery works very well so it is something you should consider but try & keep it simple, don't try listing everything you do as it's simply to much for people to take in especially on a moving vehicle. It will be seem by everyone local & help with identification of your brand.

Consider making or buying a colour wheel, it can help a great deal when designing, also there are some good books on the market to aid design. I am really sad because I study signs when I am out an about, asking myself questions like is the message clear, how would I have done the job, what could I do to make it better, what materials have been used, what would I have used etc etc, maybe you don't want to be quite that sad lol, but it can help you to learn.

Probably a few other things that I haven't mentioned yet & can add latter on.