Made some boards from a 3x4

Dave Gravel

Clinton TWP, Mi
So I grabbed a 3x4 from work. We use them and 2x4s for pallets to ship the stainless steel coils we slit. I managed to find one that looked fairly straight with the grain running relatively straight and sawn with the grain running more or less quarter sawn.

Squared up using the table saw I spent almost a year rebuilding, the saw works great. First tried the straight edge against the fence trick to get one straight side but had better results running the rough board against the fence.

After squaring I changed the blade to a 7 1/4 " 24 tooth blade. Set the fence at a bit more than 5/8 inch and resawed them and got 3 boards that thickness and 1 at about 7/16 thick. I got one more piece to cut.

It'll have a few days to acclimate before I do anything with it and I'll make a few boxes with it. Obviously it could move on me but I'm figuring the final thickness will be a bit under 1/2" for the sides.

Mostly wanted to give it a test to see if it can cut straight and square. I'd say it did that perfectly. At my current skill level, I say the saw is well more than adequate for me and far better than anything I could afford to buy new. I know I spent a bit on the new motor and fence but even with the upgrades I'm still less than a new saw of similar or better quality. I really think you'd be spending at least a grand to get a table saw as good. This one with the upgrades cost about half that.


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Looking forward to seeing what the boards become, Dave. And kudos for using the Grr-ripper. In my opinion, it's one of the best safety upgrades you can add to a saw. They also improve the quality of cut as opposed to using push sticks, at least for me.