MDF Cabinet

Hey Matt,
MDF aint sexy, but it gets the job done, don't it. My shop cabinets are mdf, with hardwood edgeband on the countertops.

Of course, every time I lift a sheet of the stuff, I tell myself NEVER AGAIN!:rofl: :rofl:

I'll bet you have a big challenge building stuff that will stand up to all the kids!!
Looks great! Did you do a wood faceframe to trim the edge of the MDF? Can't tell from the pics.

Nice job Matt. I have never, so far, used any MDF how dose it paint? any problems with swelling or things of that nature
Very nice Matt! As an interesting aside on MDF (at least I think it is interesting), a well known woodworking author local to me works for a company installing custom made bookcases and non kitchen cabinets in new homes. These homes start at well over $500,000 and go up past the 1 million mark. The bookcases are almost always made of MDF and painted. He said that they are doing a booming business, and when things get dinged on delivery, the offending dent is filled with Bondo :eek: , sanded, and painted on the spot!