MiniMax FS41 16 inch Jointer Planer for sale

Austin, Texas
My Brother in Law, in Iowa, has a 16 inch jointer/planer, and is upgrading to a 20 inch (wow). His 16 inch unit has been well cared for and is in like-new condition. Therefore I suggest you consider this machine being offered at a bargain price (his new unit is on-the-way)

For sale 16 inch MiniMax (Technomax) FS41 E, Jointer planer, 2007, light use by a surgeon for weekend projects, always in a climate controlled shop in Decorah Iowa. Four Tersa knives (inventory of spare knives will be included). Two speed planer feed (6, 12 meters per minute), Mechanical digital depth read-out. Mobility kit. Single Phase 230 volt 4.8 hp motor. $6,000 OBO

The first picture is the planer from the infeed side; the second picture is the planer from the outfeed side. The jointer tables are lifted out of the way. The dust collector for the planer flips out of the way when the tables are lowered as a jointer, but the dust collector is in approximately the same position (on a competitor's product the dust collection hose has to be moved to the opposite end of the machine)

When the jointer tables are lowered, you have an impressively long and wide cast iron table ground smooth (the curved lines are the blanchard grind) - pictures 3 and 4.
Picture 5 is the machine nameplate. The 21 amp peak load on the motors technically justifies number 10 wire and a 30 amp circuit, but many users use number 12 wire so the cable is more flexible (less tripping hazard).

The Slot Mortiser option on the machine will be retained for use on my new 20 inch MiniMax Nova FS 520 jointer planer, but the Wescott chuck will remain on the FS41 Jointer Planer so you can easily add the mortiser later.

Buyer is responsible for pick up from suburban Decorah Iowa - it will be loaded on your truck or trailer with a fork lift, (it will easily fit in a pick-up truck), You are responsible for tie-down, etc.

For questions call 563-419-7803


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His price of $6,000 OBO is getting soft... the new machine is on the way, and he doesn't have room for both. Now would be a good time to make an offer - Call Dr. Jim Ott in Decorah Iowa at 563-419-7803. This machine is in like-new condition, The price new is about $8,600, so he might be willing to accept half that amount.
Charlie - he might get a hit from posting on the felder owners group (they're not excessively exclusive and are generally folks with the money for that class of machine).

There's also the MiniMax owners group which is a bit less active but probably worth dropping an email to as well: