Need a router base

Tony Baideme

Honolulu, Hawaii
Hi people. I have not been active much because of health. Hoping it gets better, or, ends soon.

Anyway, to the subject of this post. I am in need of a regular base for an old 1984 I believe, Bosch model 1905 router. If any of you good people happen to have the base in question, from a bad router, and want to part with it, I could use it.

I will try to keep track of replies as often as I can.

Thank you so much, in advance. You all are a wonderful and very helpful group.

Wish me luck.

Aloha, Tony
Hi Toni, my sympathies to you on the news, cant help on the router part but wish you all best on your health. Hope things turn for the better soon.

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No need to worry over this, Larry. I was just trying to get a base for a real good running motor I have. No real project going on. Thanks so much Larry. Keep in touch.

Aloha, Tony