New Lumber hauler

Don Baer

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Since I didn't get the place up north I decided I needed a new Lumber Hauler.


It's got the 3.0 liter turbo diesel rated at 310 Hp. with and 8 speed transmission. I was very impressed with the pickup. When you step on the accelerator it doesn't hesitate plenty of power. Rated at 9,000 towing capacity. Even more impressive is the fuel economy. If the onboard computer is even close I am going to be more than happy. According to the computer driving it home on the freeway it's getting 60 mpg. I will take it to California on Wed so we will be able to get a real idea as to what it gets.

well as it turns out I wa reading something wrong but if it gets the 24 town and 37 highway that they state i'll still be a happy camper.
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Chuck Ellis

Tellico Plains, Tennessee
well considering it was 16 years old and had 250000 miles I still got 4 grand. I bought it new so I got my monies worth out of it.
I bought a little 2015 KIA Soul about 4 years ago... it had under 6,000 miles when I bought it... KIA sent me letters for a couple of years offering to "trade up" and get me into a bigger vehicle and reduce my payments to what I was paying for the Soul... they were offering what I paid for the vehicle. Never took them up on their offer as LOML like the Soul since she could get in and out easier than she could in the Avalon which had 320K miles on it, was a 1996 and still ran perfectly...I put the Avalon out front with a for sale sign and the first person to come along gave me my asking price....
Today I think we are up to about 38K on the Soul... we don't go much, mostly to doctors and grocers..