New to the forum

Russ Vance

Manly, Iowa and Bellevue Iowa
Hi all. I'm new to this forum but not to woodworking. I'm 63, and I can't really remember NOT working with wood in one way or another from whittling willow whistles to building furniture, shop stuff, garages and shops. I also worked as a teacher for many years, so I know I'll never get too old to learn. That's why I'm here. Also, if I can help someone else, I'm more than willing to do that as well.
Welcome, Russ. Edit your profile in the upper right hand corner and tell us where you hang your hat. We love pictures and always glad to have another how-to voice. Welcome.
Howdy, Russ! You reminded me of something. I think my first wood project was as a Boy Scout all those many moons ago and we made tent peg mallets out of bodark (osage orange). But who really inspired me about working with wood was my junior high wood shop teacher Mr. Bishop. Even while a career Marine I had a chance here and there to play with some wood. Since retiring in '95 I can really do it. Welcome aboard and looking forward to seeing some photos of your workings. :thumb: