Nice Packaging for Liquid Product

glenn bradley

This may belong in Off Topic but, I just wanted to give a shout out to Klingspor's Woodworking Shop. This gallon of shellac arrived. LOML carried it out to the shop sideways. I politly mentioned the glaring red arrows and "This Side Up" warnings on all sides of the box.

I need not have been concerned . . .

Metal clips on the lid and a padded diaper.
Shellac Packing-3.jpg
More padding top and bottom.
Shellac Packing-2.jpg
Packed super tight into a box that is packed with more padding inside another box.
Shellac Packing-1.jpg
I think you could have rolled this thing down a flight of stairs with minimal damage.

On the other hand Home Depot shipped me some 3M filters in an oversized lightweight box with NO padding at all . . . not a single one survived.
I've had that happen too. Much of the dried mess is still evident 3 years later. Well, that's probably because it was dry when I found it and I left it there, not feeling like dealing with it. I still don't feel like it, but will probably do something about it just as soon as I borrow a pneumatic chisel from my son. It was in a lower shelf of an upper cabinet in my shop and glued most of the other quart cans on that shelf together and to the shelf. The overflow reached the floor and it was all quite hard by the time that I found it.

I got shipped to me a gallon of General Finish High Performance last month and it came exactly the same way.
There was something on the packing about being UN4G compliant only when all components of packaging are used. I believe this just means that two UN approved boxes are nested.

To those that have had Seal Coat cans leak, I have experienced this too with long shelf storage. I now decant my product into mason jars or other suitable containers. This is not really an extra step for me as I keep a few cuts on hand and generally prepare them ahead of time anyway. There are certainly benefits to mixing your own shellac. For non-colored, dewaxed shellac use the shelf life of the Zinsser product works best for me.