Not new, but kinda outta the game for a while

Billy Burt

San Antonio, Texas
Had to take a break from the wood stuffs a few years back due to unexpected respiratory issues. Actually took a couple of years to get over it. It started after I cut down and cut up some spalted hickory and spalted Black Jack oak. Since then I installed and plumbed a proper dust collector w/cyclone and things are good. Getting ready to retire (from my 34 year career and into my shop ;-)) and spending more time in the shop.

I hope all have been well in my absence!
Good to see you back. :wave: Glad to hear the lung issue wasn't permanent. Looking forward to seeing you around again. :thumb:
Shows we All need to pay attention to safety in our work or hobby shops. Glad it worked out well. Now I need to take heed and watch dust collection closer. I'm working at it diligently.
Clean air is important. Years ago, one of my uncles would take a horse into the strawmow to pack it down while the threshing machine was operating. The only protection that he used was a handkerchief tied over his face. I remember that while he was coughing that he said it was good that it was clean dirt. He ended up with emphysema and had to lug an oxygen tank around.