Palmgren 18 x 36 Drum Sander

Rennie Heuer

Staff member
Constantine, MI
Someone locally has contacted me hoping I might be interested in purchasing a nearly new (less than a couple hours use) Palmgren 18 x 36 drum sander model 81318. He is asking $500.

I have not seen the machine but he tells me it was purchased for his father in law who never was able to use it. I could not find much on the web as it seems Palmgren no longer makes this machine, at least there is no mention of it on their website. There are a couple of 5 star reviews on amazon, but no price.

If anyone is interested the guy is not far from me and I would be willing to go look at it for you. Also, if someone wants it but can't get to this area in the near future I would be willing to pick it up and hold it for you.

PM me for contact info.

Thanks Ryan. Looks like mostly favorable reviews with a 4.5 rating. Also nice that the price ($895) is still in the ad even though it is discontinued.
That's the one I've been planning to pickup actually, but there is another ( I may take off a day next week and run down to Springfield for it, I need to run over to the farm to take care of something anyway. I think the biggest complaints I've seen are with the tracking, which take some time to calibrate, then the manual stated the wrong length to cut the paper, but others have posted the correct lengths.
Complaints seem to be mostly around the dust collection and paper changing.. but its a drum sander so I'm going with par for the course :D :rolleyes:

Too true. Like drill presses, the ability to make a decent drum sander at a specific price tier seems to escape the drawing-board-to-retail-outlet capabilities of many makers.